If marketed properly, a single op can easily do 20 monogram projections a year. If you only charge $300, that’s an EXTRA $6000 a year in revenue!

There are so many reasons to use a video projector rather than a gobo projector:

– Keystone: This is HUGE. You can shoot from crazy angles and still make the design look perfect.

– Clarity: Digital gobos look so crisp & clear.

Sizing: Between the various sizes of your file + your projector zoom, you can make the design fit perfectly in most spots. When you order from us, we send you five sizes of every design!

– Color: Color glass gobos are crazy expensive! You order designs in color from us for NO additional cost!

Animated designs: This is still so new, you will get referrals from other vendors & venues when they see these. They definitely add that WOW factor, and you can easily charge $350-$450 for them.

– More $$: You will save so much on gobos that you’ll make more on each event.

– Even more $$: Charge more! Digital monograms look so much better, you can raise your rate and people will pay because it looks good. Some DJs have gone from $250 for old school gobos to $300 or more for digital gobos. Not only are they saving a ton of money on thee purchase of gobos, but they’re charging more, too!

Need help getting started? Check out our list of recommended equipment.