New to using projectors for monogram & digital gobo projection? Here are some sample files you are welcome to use. You can load the files onto a thumb drive and either place that into your projector (if your projector can display static files from a thumb drive), or into a media player (necessary for animated designs). Check out our recommendations page if you need a media player.

Using these files is a great way to become familiar with your projector and using projectors for image projection. Feel free to also use these files to show prospective clients what your projector is capable of at a bridal show or other event where you’re promoting your business.

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Static Sample Files (download the files that match the native  resolution of your projector–Google your projector model if you aren’t sure what that is)

1280×800 sample files

1920×1080 sample files

Animated Sample Files

Zip file with 4 animated sample files  (all are 1920×1080)