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Here are links to some of our favorite products that we use when doing projections at our events. In addition, we have also included links to some other products that may be of interest to you. Click the image for pricing & more info on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

If you’re looking for projector recommendations, check out our recommended projectors page.

Power to USB for Media Player

Power your media player with the USB on the back of your projector with this cable. This works with the media player we recommend and may work for some others–you’ll want to confirm the DC side is the same size as your media player (and also that your projector can power the media player). This is the cable you’ll want if you’re using our recommended media player (also on this page).

Media Player

You’ll need a media player if you want to do animated monograms or other animated images. A media player is also necessary if your projector won’t display images from a flash drive. This media player from will do a great job (and allow you seamlessly loop the video too).

Rock N Roller

A must have! R12 is a great model.


Great bag for transporting stands & poles. Attaches very easily to Rock N Roller carts.

Kingston Flash Drive

This is a great drive because it collapses into itself, which protects the USB connection.


We recommend flat base stands since they have a smaller footprint and look very clean. However, if you’re on a smaller budget, speaker stands will work fine too (and they work great with our mount). You can also get the extension pole to get the projector even higher.

Extension Pole

Connect this to a speaker or lighting stand to add 2 feet to the height.

Gaff tape

Pro gaff tape to secure any cords.


These velcro strips with hook & loop make cleaning up cords much easier.


These are in order of how we recommend them. We have tested all of these projectors, so we have first hand experience with them.

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