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The most important aspect of this process is having the right projector. The more lumens the better, but you should be using a projector that is no less than 4000 lumens. The sweet spot for price & brightness is around 4000-5000 lumens. You also need a high contrast ratio; however, that is an often debated spec as manufacturers seem to rate contrast ratio differently. What’s probably just as important, or more important, is using a DLP projector. The blacks are deeper, making it so you don’t see the gray box. You will also want to pay attention to the native resolution of the projector. Full HD, 1920×1080, is preferred, but a projector with a native resolution of 1280×800 will project a nice image, too.

Projector features
You should try to get a projector that has both horizontal and vertical keystone correction. Having just one or the other will be helpful, but having both will allow you the most flexibility with where you place the projector and still have an image that looks as it was designed. Some projectors also have something called quick corners or corner fit, which also helps to adjust the image so it looks good when shooting from weird angles. In addition, it’s great if you can find a projector that can display images from a USB drive. If it doesn’t, you’ll need a media player.

The following are the minimum specs we would recommend when considering a projector:

Lumens (4000+): how bright the image will be
Contrast ratio (over 8,000:1): Difference between white & black. A contrast ratio of 8000:1 means the white is 8000 times brighter than the black.
Keystone (BOTH horizontal & vertical keystone): This is what allows you to shoot at angles, or different heights, and adjust the image so it doesn’t look distorted.
– Resolution (at least 1280×800): The number of pixels. The higher the number, the more pixels are used, and the higher quality the image is.
Zoom (at least 1.3x): This is how much you can change the image size by adjusting the lens. This is what allows you to move the projector further away without the image being huge (or to put it closer and get it bigger).

Recommended Projectors

The projectors in the “featured projectors” section below are projectors we have tested ourselves for monogram/image projection, so we have experience with every featured projector listed. We have yet to find the perfect projector, but each of these projectors has features that make them one of our recommended projectors. This list is updated every few months and may include some discontinued projectors, but we still include them in our list because they are still among the best for this application (and can still be found new or even refurbished).

Featured Projectors (click image for full specs & prices)

Optoma WU465

4800 lumens, 1920×1200 resolution, 4-corner correction, very good contrast ratio (20000:1), big zoom (1.5x), can display images from USB, USB can power media player, light weight.

Can’t keystone with image displayed from USB (we recommend using a media player with this projector for easier keystoning)


4200 lumens, horizontal & vertical keystone, excellent corner correction, big zoom (1.6x), can display images from thumb drive.

Big & heavy, LCD instead of DLP, low contrast ratio (but still not an issue getting rid of the box), resolution is good (1280×800) but full HD would be better, technically discontinued but brand new is still available.

Optoma EH-504wifi

5000 lumens, 1920×1080, horizontal & vertical keystone, 4-corner adjustment, very good contrast ratio (15000:1), big zoom (1.6x), built-in wireless, USB port can power media player.

Can’t display images from USB thumb drive (but you can use a media player to display images), over 10 lbs, doesn’t come with a bag.


5000 lumens, Full HD 1920×1080 resolution, horizontal & vertical keystone, 4 corner adjustment, very good contrast ratio (15000:1), big zoom (1.6x), built-in wireless.


Over 10 lbs, can’t display images from USB thumb drive (but you can use a media player to display images), LCD instead of DLP.

More Recommended Projectors

We haven't tested these projectors, but they all have specs that make them good choices to use for projecting monograms, logos, and other images.

Discontinued Projectors

These are discontinued projectors that we still recommend if you can find them.

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