While projecting monograms & logos isn’t complicated, there are some things you can do to make the image look better. Here’s some info that will help your digital gobo projections look great:

Start with quality equipment. Check out the equipment page to see everything you need to get started.

Placement & Lighting (removing the gray/black box)
– First, don’t try at home! Or if you do, have some lights on and make sure you’re at least 15 feet away.
– Have some ambient light in the room (not necessary, as we can shoot outdoors in dark conditions, but it helps).
– Put uplights on either side of the projection (and usually looks good too!)
– Get some distance between the projector and the image–at least 10-15 feet or more is good, with the optimal about 20 or more feet.
– Make sure your design is on a black background.
– The final thing you may need to do is lower the brightness a bit.

Keystoning an image allows you to fix any stretching or skewing the projected image has when you shoot from angles (one of the biggest benefits of using a projector!). There is a bit of an art & learning curve to keystoning an image so it looks great. We recommend experimenting with that so you get good at it (tip: go to a source you aren’t using so you get a blank blue or black box–make the box look rectangular, then switch to the source where your digital gobo is).

Animated Projections
Projecting an animated design doesn’t involve much more than a static design. You’ll use all the same equipment as a static design, but you’ll need a media player to play the file.  You’ll load the animated file on a thumb drive, put that in the media player, plug the media player into your projector, and you’re all set. You can loop the file with your media player so it repeats throughout the event.