We’ve done all the design & editing so you don’t have to! You could put the files into Photoshop, but we send standard JPEG files, so there aren’t any layers and they would be pretty difficult to edit. Therefore, your best bet is to be sure you have your client’s approval after you have the final files from us.

Your files should be projection ready when you receive them from us. However, we highly recommend testing all files out in advance.

Sure! To make the designs consistent, we display them all in white on our website; however, we can make them any color you or your client would like. Keep in mind that the lighter the color is, the better it will project. Also, if you order in color, we will send 2 copies of every design– one in color and one in white (for static designs only- we only send animated designs in color, if your design is in color or you request color). For static designs, we recommend loading both color and black & white on the thumb drive, just in case the color doesn’t look good when projected.

We’ll need the hex code for any designs you’d like in color. You can find an online tool to help generate the hex code here: http://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_picker.asp

The code we need you to send will be in this format: #000000

We don’t produce traditional steel or glass gobos; rather, we are creating designs that are essentially a “digital gobo.” The image we send you is what you will use to project the design we have created for you.

Sure! Please send an email with your shipping address to info@projectorgram.com, and we’ll give you a quote for shipping.

Send them to www.mydigitalgobo.com. This website doesn’t have any pricing or branding. Your client will tell you which design they want, and then you will order it from Projectorgram.

Look for the text on the checkout page that says “Have a file to upload? Upload it by clicking in the box below.” That is where you can upload a file to send to us. If you have more than one file to send, please email them to orders@projectorgram.com after you have placed your order, and include your order number in the subject heading.

Orders submitted after 10am central will be counted as submitted on the following business day. For example, if an order is submitted at 1pm central time on Monday, the first business day is Tuesday.

You can find our turnaround times here: https://projectorgram.com/ufaqs/what-is-the-turnaround-time-for-design-orders/

Make sure to allow yourself time to get your client’s approval and test the files with your projector prior to your event!