Many brides will request to have their monogram projected on the dance floor after seeing an image of one on Pinterest, Instagram, etc. There are several reasons why they should reconsider their monogram’s location:

-Most of the time, the couple’s goal is to have their dance floor packed all night. If the monogram is projected onto the dance floor, it is going to be hidden by everyone dancing, and they’ve then paid for something that was only seen during cocktail hour and dinner.

-Many times, couples will gravitate towards dancing on the monogram during their first dance. This can result in the design being projected onto the couple, which can negatively impact their first dance photographs.

-It’s usually easier to make the monogram look better on a wall than on a dance floor, since there is less of an angle to try to fix. Monograms also show up much better on a white or light-colored surface, and dance floors are usually dark.

-Monograms projected on the wall will be seen all night, and are a great backdrop for photos such as the first dance, cake cutting, and group dancing.