The answer to this question will vary based on your market, but the good news is that you can charge a lot MORE for digital gobos, even though they cost you a lot LESS!

Several reasons why you can charge more when using a video projector:

-The projections will be crisp and clear (no fuzziness)

-The projections will have no “stencil” appearance

-The projections can be done in color

-The projections can be animated

-The projector can be placed anywhere in the room (ie out of the way of guests), and your design will not have any skew because of the keystone feature on your projector

-You can read more about the benefits of going digital in this blog post.

So, how much can you charge for digital gobos? Since we also have a lighting company, we have experience with pricing various lighting options. We charge $325 for a static digital gobo and we charge $425 for an animated digital gobo.

If you get your designs from Projectorgram, we only charge $20 for a static template digital gobo and $70 for an animated digital gobo. If you price your projections similar to what what we do, you can PROFIT $305-$345 for ONE projection! Your market prices may vary, but you can still rest assured that you will make significantly more money with digital gobos than you will with steel or glass gobos.

If you aren’t already offering digital gobos, now’s the time to get on board! Hop over to the equipment page on our website to get started! If you need help building a portfolio to market this service to your clients, we can help! Just shoot us an email at