Custom animated designs are a great way to add that special WOW factor to your event! We enjoy helping bring your/your client’s creative vision to life, but we need your help to make the design process as smooth as possible.

We are not a creative agency that will create a design from start to finish. We want to create what you/your client is envisioning, not what WE are envisioning. Therefore, when you order, we need you to provide as many details as possible so that our designers can fully understand what you are looking for. Below is a sample of the details we received for a custom animation:

Below is a short video of the design we created based on these directions:

Creating custom animated designs is extremely time-consuming. It can take several hours just to render the video, during which time the designer cannot render anything else. We have had customers leave the creative aspect up to our designer, only to not like what the designer came up with, which then creates several extra hours of work and lots of back-and-forth emails. This is why we request that you tell us EXACTLY what you want at the time you place your order, so we can get your design right the first time!

We currently do not have the option to purchase a custom animated design on our website, but you can request a quote by emailing us at