New to digital gobos using video projectors? Great! We’re happy to help you get started. Below is a list of the equipment you’ll need to provide the best possible services to your clients:

Here is our list of recommended projectors. This is not an all-inclusive list! You can find our minimum recommended specs on this page- any projector that meets all of those specs will work great for digital monogram projection!

Backup bulb for projector
DJs are used to bringing backup equipment, and this is no different. Always have an extra bulb for your projector (or bring a backup projector)!

You can purchase our EZ Mount HD here.

You can use a traditional speaker stand, but we prefer the slim, clean look of a flat base lighting stand. You can purchase one here. We offer both black and white stands, and we offer a variety of accessories for the stands as well!

USB Drive
You’ll need a USB drive to load your designs on and plug into your projector (or media player, if your projector can’t display images from USB). You can find the USB drive we recommend on our links page here.

Media Player
You’ll need a media player if you want to display animated designs on any projector, and also if your projector can’t display images from a USB drive. You can find the media player we recommend on our links page here.