**Spend a few extra minutes after your setup to take a QUALITY photo and/or video, and you can save up to 20% on all future orders!**

We need your photos and videos! Our Instagram and Facebook feeds are full of photos and videos from our own events. Some of our customers have shared their photos and videos with us, but we need more! Send us a photo or video of our designs, mounts, or stands in action at your event, and we’ll send you a coupon for 10-20% off** a future design order if we use it on our social media or website! *Note: one coupon per photo/video that we use across all social media platforms. The more quality photos and videos you send us, the more coupons you’ll receive!

Here’s what to do:

  • Send an email with your photo or video to info@projectorgram.com
  • Please indicate if you would like to be tagged. Many of our customers choose not to be tagged on Instagram or Facebook, so that their clients won’t know how much they paid for the design. However, we are happy to tag you if you would like! If you do not indicate this in your email, we will NOT tag you.
  • If we use your photo or video on social media, or our website, we will send your coupon code within 3 business days of using it. The coupon will be good for 10-20% off any design order (excludes mounts and stands), and will expire 6 months from the date we send you the code.
  • If your file is over 5MB, please put it in the cloud and email us the link to download.

**10% off for photos, 20% off for videos.