The future of monogram & image projection.
Digital gobos for DJs & lighting companies.

Monogram Designs

There are 2 ways to order monograms:

Template: Let your clients choose from one of our 50+ template designs. Here’s how it works:

– Send your clients a link to My Digital Gobo (you can either email that to them or put a link to it on your website)
– Your client will tell you which design they want
– Find that design on the Projectorgram website and add it to your cart
– Hit the checkout button and give us all the information for customizing the design with your client’s info on the checkout page
– Complete the checkout process to submit the order for processing

Custom Design: This is a custom design just for your client. You will choose custom design below and then on the checkout page you will give us all the info about the design. Please give as many details as possible so we can create the design your client is looking for. There’s even a place on the checkout screen to upload a file if needed (which is very helpful). We’ll send a draft of the custom design within a few business days.

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