Like so many businesses, Projectorgram was born out of necessity. Jim launched his DJ company over 15 years ago. After seeing the demand for decor lighting, he launched a lighting company in 2011. Always watching industry trends, Jim noticed a shift occuring in the way DJs and lighting companies projected monograms and other images at weddings and events. He saw more & more companies moving away from gobo projectors and starting to use video projectors.

In mid-2013, Jim began experimenting with using a video projector in place of gobo projectors. He loved the results, but was challenged with the design process. In the past, he would use stock templates offered by the gobo companies, or would have the company producing his gobos do the design. Now that he wasn’t ordering gobos anymore, he needed a solution for designing monograms for his clients. He wasn’t satisfied with what he could produce on his own, so he went on a search for a graphic designer to produce his images.

Networking with other DJs & lighting professionals, Jim found others had a need for a service to produce designs that are ready to be projected with a video projector. Already having 2 companies to run, Jim brought his wife Laura on board to assist with day-to-day operations of Projectorgram. They are excited to be able to offer a service like this so that DJs and lighting pros can display great looking images at their events!

Hours & Location

Projectorgram is based in Dallas, TX. Our normal office hours are Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm.